The most important question in health care is not “what” but “why”.

I was studying to be a physical therapist when a friend talked me into seeing one more chiropractor. I was resistant due to poor results in the past, but he offered to pay for my exam if I was not satisfied. I saw a doctor who used a technique called Applied Kinesiology. That evaluation changed my life.

This doctor evaluated my nerve function by testing muscle balance and found many problems I had not even told him about. He evaluated my digestive system by testing my meridian system. Based on what he found, he tested me for food intolerances, and discovered that I had a gluten sensitivity. I quit eating gluten and within 4 weeks my chronic back pain was a thousand percent better. My colitis resolved, my headaches went away, my acne resolved. I realized that what I had been eating had been killing me. This, I realized, was true health care. In one hour, this doctor had done more to change my life than all the other doctors combined.

I went to chiropractic school not so much to be a chiropractor as to be an Applied Kinesioligist. In the 36 years since that day, I have devoted thousands of hours studying whatever I could find to help my clients find the source of their suffering and bring balance to their lives. 

I find that we have to balance the structural, chemical and emotional body to find true health. My firm belief is that doctors do not fix patients, patients fix patients. Patients need education, understanding and encouragement.

What I love about my career is spending the time necessary to uncover the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ in someones health dilema, building a strategy to help them change their lifestyle, and watching them unfold and recover. I tell every patient that I see that my goal is to ‘get you healthy and have you come back every 6 months to tell me how good you are feeling’.

I am fortunate that the nature of my business allows me study with some of the greatest minds in health care and science and incorporate not just what they do but how they think. This means that I am always learning.